Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Happy Moment

After church, walking back from the bathroom, our route took us through a post-baptism celebration spread of delicious foods.

Donuts, pastries, cookies, and cake galor. Amidst it all, a plate of bananas and orange slices.

I did not say a word and figured we'd just walk right through (I'm not the most outgoing of creatures when it comes to the church setting), but Georgia immediately asked, "Can I have one of those bananas? Because we don't know if the cookies are safe."

Me: beaming with pride!
Georgia: happily eating a banana.

I know there may come a day as she gets older when it will bother her that others can eat things that she can't, but for now, I just think it's awesome that she really is starting to understand her food allergies, and that it doesn't phase her one bit. So I'm going to live in the present and try to enjoy happy moments like this one. Now, if only I could always do as good a job as she did of picking the healthy option for myself!

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Ann said...

Well played, Georgia! Well played.