Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friendly reminder/PSA

This PSA is for:
1) myself;
2) our relatives;
3) the friends and strangers who ask us if Georgia's allergies are "severe";
4) the parents I know who seem to take their children's allergies a little too casually in my opinion, assuming that [no bad reactions thus far] = [no bad reactions in the future].

I'm not trying to scare anybody, and God knows I hope my child's allergies are not severe. This is just a little reminder that unfortunately no one has any way of knowing.

(The following is an excerpt from a recent blog post I read on Food Allergy Mama):

Finally, I wanted to pass along an email a good friend of mine sent to her family members after a child in her daughter’s class suffered a severe reaction during a school field trip, and didn’t have their medication. I think it serves as a good reminder that you can never be vigilant enough….

I was in Springfield yesterday on a 5th grade field trip with Laney when one of her classmates had a allergic reaction to peanut butter. He is 11yrs. old and has never had a bad reaction before. His mom did not have her epipen with her. He was sitting next to a boy that had peanut butter and they think he somehow touched his hand or the table and was exposed. He started out with hives and then started coughing and his throat was closing up. We called 911 and they were there within minutes. I went in the ambulance to the hospital with the mom and child and they were able to get him the epipen, oxygen, etc… in time.

As you can imagine it was a very scary experience for everyone involved. I send this to you as a reminder that we need to carry Maddie’s epipen with us at all times, no exceptions. Yes, the chances of it happening to her are extremely rare but I would never want to be in that situation without it.

I asked him, after he was feeling better, what it felt like and he actually said he thought he was going to die or suffocate.. It was really sad and the fear in his eyes is not something easily forgotten.

Finally, everyone was hesitant to call 911, thinking that the benedryl he was given would kick in. Never wait, every second counts in these situation.


Sarah said...

Those little pens save lives! We recently taught our 4 year old how to use it herself, and then I felt stupid for not having taught her this much earlier! We try to review every month now, especially with her heading to kindergarten in the fall.
Great reminder- thanks!

Sam said...

Thanks for sharing. Just found out my daughter is allergic to peanuts (maybe all nuts?) and am trying to figure out how to be "appropriately" freaked out. Is that possible?