Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Friendly Confines Indeed

(Just wanted to follow up that last post with something a little more uplifting, and then I'll get off the topic of this baseball game...)

Everything I've seen online today indicates that the Cubs' first peanut-free section was a huge success. People on Facebook described the experience as great, unforgetable, special, and even surreal. I haven't heard a negative word about it. Sounds like the Cubs organization seriously went above and beyond, thinking of everything they could do to make the experience a wonderful one for everyone involved. (I'm not kidding - they even had a nurse from the allergy department of the local children's hospital on hand. They gave out favors to the kids that included a picture of the Wrigley marquee sign with their name in lights!) I read these people's stories and realized what a big deal this was for some of the kids involved. Truly heartwarming stuff, folks.

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