Monday, August 16, 2010


Georgia has Allerbling now. Sweet!

No, I'm not joking. Could I make up a product name like that?

Allerbling is a type of medical alert bracelet made specifically for kids, both in size and appearance. My hope is that its bright color will mean that people actually see it and pay attention (as opposed to a regular, metal bracelt, which would be easier to miss). I also hope that its kid-friendly design will mean that Georgia will keep it on at preschool. We'll see about that.

Here's a picture. Sure beats pinning a big "DO NOT FEED ME" sign to her shirt everyday. (I have actually heard of allergy moms of yesteryear doing that, when food allergies in schools were not so commonplace. Sounds ridiculous, and yet highly effective at the same time...hmmm....something to consider if this Allerbling thing doesn't work out!)

I'm anxiously awaiting Allerbling's addition of a sesame charm to the mix. Too bad Georgia will then have too many allergy charms for them all to fit on 1 bracelet. *sigh*

See, I'm here to make all of you peanuts-only mamas feel lucky!

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