Monday, January 11, 2010

IS EVERYONE AS EXCITED AS I AM?! No? Okay, anyway...

Scrambled eggs and french toast? Bring it.

Tomorrow is the egg challenge, and I'm so excited!

We've tried to prep Georgia with just enough facts to prepare her for what's in store. For a two year old, that means keeping it really simple. I know she's soaking it all in, though, since she started telling the grocery store clerk about her allergist appointment as we were checking out with our carton of eggs.

Also, I don't want to scare her about it. But if anything, my concern has been more the opposite -- not trying to hype it up too much. I've had to control the urge to express extreme excitement, as in, "We'll go out for cupcakes afterwards to celebrate!" I'm so confident that tomorrow is going to go well that I kind of have to remind myself that there is at least the possibility that she'll have an allergic reaction.

Here's to hoping that my motherly intuition is spot on in this case.

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Beth said...

Bummer. At least she can now go out for those cupcakes