Sunday, December 27, 2009

Thoughts on H1N1 and French Toast

Unless you're living in a cave, you know that flu scare is in full swing this year. There's the seasonal flu, and then the dreaded H1N1, a.k.a. swine flu, and if you were pregnant this year (like I was), or have a baby under six months old at home (like we do now), then you're officially high risk and should probably get yourself and your whole fam-damily vaccinated a.s.a.p.

How do I sum up my conundrum succinctly?
-Georgia's allergic to eggs, so she can't get the regular seasonal or swine flu vaccines;
-But she's testing so low on the RAST scale that she's scheduled for a food challenge for eggs in January;
-In the meantime, we've got an infant at home that we should be going the extra mile to protect from swine flu.
-Basically, this leaves me wondering, what is the greater risk? Georgia having an allergic reaction to eggs, or June getting the swine flu?

You see what I'm saying? I mean, we're following doctors' orders and all, so we are NOT feeding Georgia eggs on our own - we are waiting for the medically supervised food challenge - and we are not getting her swine flu vaccinated until she passes the food challenge. However, I'm just saying that we sometimes wonder whether this protocol makes 100% sense, given the possible dire consequence of June getting the swine flu, and given the fact that the allergists must believe that Georgia's probably not allergic to eggs at this point, otherwise they wouldn't have recommended that she do the food challenge.

In semi-related news, they called from the allergist's office to say that we are supposed to bring our own food to the food challenge, and specifically that we are supposed to make FRENCH TOAST to bring. Something about that just cracked me up. "Hi, I'm just calling to remind you of your daughter's appointment and to make sure that you know how to cook french toast. Will that be a problem?"

Then, a few days later, we show up at my sister's house for Christmas Eve brunch, and what is she serving but french toast! Suddenly it just seemed so odd to be heading off to a doctor's appointment in January to feed Georgia french toast, when I could've just given her some right then and there on the spot.

Again, we did not do that. We are following the doctor's instructions. I do not recommend that anyone else out there perform food challenges at home with respect to allergens that they've been told to avoid. All I'm saying is.......well, you can appreciate the weirdness of this stuff, right? The oddity of going through such formalities (like a 4 hour doctor's appointment) to eat french toast, when it's right there available on your table.

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