Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning Reaction

Just a brief note to record the fact that Georgia had some kind of contact irritation or allergic reaction on Christmas morning. Not sure what it was from, but she broke out in a red rash with hives all over her face, mostly on one side, and had to have some Benadryl.

She had eaten Dum Dums and Tootsie Rolls from her stocking, both of which I think were safe.
Not sure if she got kisses from someone who had been eating something unsafe or what exactly happened? This one will remain a mystery.

Since I'm on the topic of holidays, I just want to add that in my opinion there are too many allergen-laden foods in our house right now. I know that some "allergy moms" are super strict with their families when it comes to holidays and food. We, however, are not a "strict prohibition" or "zero tolerance" household, which is to say that we generally allow in foods that Georgia is allergic to and just police them. That said, we try to remain nut free and sesame free as much as possible. We do not buy these things and bring them into our home. This helps to avoid pantry mix ups, problem crumbs, cross contamination, and that kind of thing. (We are not as strict with eggs - we still keep eggs in the house and some processed foods made with eggs.) With family in town, and neighbors and friends having dropped off a few food gifts, I suddenly feel like we've got about 10-12 off limits foods floating around. Not a huge big deal, but I will be more comfortable when we're back to our usual ways. I tend to view these ingredients as threats to my child's health and safety; I think that others just view them as "things she can't have." Anyway, Joe may have to take a few of these items to the office with him tomorrow.

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