Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sweet Cheeks. Zits and All.

June has baby acne right now. Has anyone ever been so happy to see baby acne on their child as I am?

It might mean nothing. She might end up with eczema and food allergies, who knows. But when Georgia was around June's age, she had what we thought was baby acne. (At least that's what the pediatrician said.) Except it kept getting bigger. And worse. Most of her face was red and raw, poor thing. It was bad enough once that I remember going to the grocery store and wondering if the other shoppers were noticing and questioning what was wrong with my daughter's face.

Anyway, turns out it was eczema. So the fact that June instead has what appears to be totally normal looking baby acne? Well, it excites me. Because nothing on her looks like eczema yet.

(Fingers crossed that it stays that way and that I haven't just jinxed it all by discussing it here!)

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