Monday, November 2, 2009

Funny Halloween Exchange

Kid: "Trick or Treat!"

Us: "Here ya go." (Drop candy in bag.)

Kid: "Do you have any Reese's?"

Us: (Lauging) "Oh, specific requests, eh? We haven't gotten any specific requests yet."

His parent: (Hollering up from the sidewalk) "Oh, sorry! His school wouldn't allow anyone to bring candy with nuts for their Halloween parade, so he's been asking everyone for Reese's." (Gives the "can you believe it?" head nod and partial eye roll.)

Us: "Oh." (Smiling.)

They were gone before we could react with any kind of witty response, or at least interject that it's just fine by us if his school doesn't allow nut-laden Halloween candy. It's all for the best, though, since um, Halloween is kind of all about the candy and having a good time, not hearing about your neighbor's child's medical history while you're out trick or treating. (duh.) : )

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